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Al Kanooz Group About

enhancing lives responsibly

Al Kanooz group has diversified its portfolio of products and services responsibly; developed, managed and executed by a team of professional experts with years of experience.

We strongly believe in supporting and improving lives and create sustainable solutions for the betterment of the planet. We stand for our core values so we imbibe in every business we undertake.

Honesty, evolving & learning, clarity in communication, gratitude and greater good of society are some of our core values.

services Products and Services

We deal broadly divide our line of business

Polymers & Plastics

We are a global plastic and polymers distributor and traders with focus on virgin material.

Industrial Chemicals

We deal into special and selected industrial chemicals.

Mineral Ores

We deal with quite a few Natural resources like Manganese Ores, Iron Ores, Silver Concentrate, Precious raw stones etc.


We trade Metals in various forms like bars, nuggets, rods, etc. We also do trading in recyclable metals.

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